Many years ago I was listening to a Canadian speaker- the writer of Eat That Frog, Brian Tracey and he was talking about a delegate on his course who used an affirmation each day. It was strange to hear and yet it has stayed with me for all these years, as a way of starting each day and more especially when I think I will have a difficult or challenging day ahead. It always enables me to start or continue in an optimistic frame of mind and very often I believe, leads me to have a much better day, if only in quite small ways.

The affirmation – I guess you are wondering what it is by now. Well it is this; ‘I believe something wonderful is going to happen to me today’. I often have to say it 2 or 3 times before I really get it and believe it, but I have come to trust it to change my day every time.

How do I know this? Because each evening, if not before I recount my day and remember the wonderful things that have happened.

Sometimes huge things, like winning a client or a piece of work, sometimes my children call to they have passed an exam or got a job. Yet sometimes it is the fact that I stopped to notice a flower in a hedgerow, the sound of a bird in my garden, or the view from the motorway as I travel to work.

By setting my sights on something wonderful each day, my life is full of wonder and each day feels exciting as I pay attention in the hope of spotting it.