Ask yourself – what do you value in a great leader/manager?

These qualities are based on your values and beliefs and probably represent things you would also like to be known and admired for. This is the intention setting stage. What IMPACT do you want to have with your staff.

Maybe it is being approachable, consistent and influential with others. Maybe other qualities are more important to you.

Ask yourself – how do others demonstrate these qualities? Want do they do, what do they say? How do I demonstrate these qualities already and how can I show them more effectively to my staff?
This will give you specific ways in which to behave and lead to a greater impact on others.

Besides this, and in order to gain followers, is the idea that you share more of yourself and your vision.

When leaders disclose information which is about themselves it often has the effect of bringing others closer and increasing trust as you take that personal risk.

This also happens when you share your passion for the future- your vision, and what especially you want to achieve for and with your team. Once they have a chance to understand your vision they may need to think about and even question it. Allowing this will actually help them to buy in – not be forced to agree, and help shape your ideas with their own actions and energy.

This collaboration shows them that they matter and are part of your plan and is even better when your plan alters to fit with some of their ideas.