The phrase a difference that makes a difference was used by Gregory Bateson, a leading anthropologist, to define information.

My business is transforming managers from being OK to being brilliant, brilliant to work with and for. And the difference that makes the difference are those small ingredients, in terms of knowledge, attitude and behaviour, which when applied by an individual enable an easy transition and fabulous results.

Another way to see this difference might be imagining a glass of water – straight from the tap, glistening and fresh – you take a sip. Next to it is a glass of pure spring water, filtered through ancient rocks and bubbling up in a distant mountain range, you take a sip – ahh. There is a difference, chemically a few elements different and yet it is the difference that makes the difference. Another analogy is the nations favourite baked beans compared to ‘own label’ – why do we always pick the nations favourite. Those who do will choose the ones which have the subtle but important flavour differences, because they are worth it.

At The Difference we seek out the differences in high performing managers and encourage individuals to choose which ingredients they will add to their management style that will allow them to stand out and accomplish things with and through their people.