Humans Being

This is an expression I have come to adopt as a way of expressing some important conceptual values in what I do.

At work, we are likely to see ourselves as superior/subordinate to others, it is after all a hierarchy we work in.

But when we think of ourselves as humans I believe we see ourselves as equal to all others in our species and this concept can lead to helpful behaviours. Being equal, we can communicate human to human, respecting all features, diverse or inherited, by position. This leads to assertive and clear communication in all conversations.

Also the concept of being – being human means we can be brilliant and also we can make mistakes – to err is human after all. So in this way we can manage others by helping them to be brilliant and overcome their mistakes. Celebrating just being human, simply humans being.

When I purposefully think I am just a human, being, I let go of the pressure to perform as others expect or demand. Then more often than not I perform more effectively, with better choices and more authentic interactions. This resonates with others as I work in greater harmony and create better results.